Our Mission

It is the mission of this commission to unify the religious community in solidarity with poor and working class people and to consider the presence and influence of religion in socialist society.
The commission advocates for the joint interest of the community and for a more equitable social order called socialism.
The commission recognizes that culture and religion are bound together, and that it is from this bond that cultural moral principles emerge.
The commission recognizes that the achievement of communism is also the realization and enactment of the Golden Rule, the universal principal of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, which all prominent faiths and humanist philosophies hold in common.
The commission denounces the blind rejection of religion, as it divides working people.
The commission opposes religious institutions that behave as exploitative and manipulative commercial entities, such as megachurches, that extract wealth from their congregations for non-charitable causes.
Thus, to rectify the exploitation under capitalism, the commission advocates for the utilization of socialism as a means to a just world.

Our Publications

As with any commission, we issue statements regarding current events, working class history, theory and much more.
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