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12th Meeting of the Religious Affairs Commission
(June 23, 2019)

Roll Call: Angelo (NY), Charles (FL), Joe (CA), Toby (Md), Tracy (NJ, chair),

Missing:  Chris (Cal), Cristián (GA), Corey (NH), Keith (MD), Kelly (CA), Matt (MD),Traian., Travis, Zack, Connor (GA),

1. There was a discussion about updating the mission statement. A resolution about this was postponed to be further discussed at the next meeting. Things in the statement would include the purpose of the commission, program issues,

2. Tracy proposed that the commission send information concerning issues of importance to the whole party, be sent over to Joe, who can do a blast to party members. This proposal was passed.

3. Tracy proposed running a column of 400 to 500 words dealing with concerns of the commission in the Worker. No resolution was reached on this, and it will be further discussed at the next meeting.

4. Angelo suggested that someone needs to make phone calls to the religious commission members to remind them of the meetings. It would add two or three people more to the conference calls. However it could not be the general secretary or national chair doing the calling, as they are already doing much calling. This will be taken up at the next meeting.

5. Christian needs to get his phone connected restored.

6. There was a general discussion led by Angelo about the role of religion in a Marxist-Lenist party and socialist world. It is not about “Pie in the Sky” but work in and with the community to bring them closer together.

7.Tracy suggests that that the commission could sponser an advice column in the Worker which would deal with religion from a M-L view. It would spur interest in the commission. No resolution was reached and there will be further disucsion at the next meeting.

8. Tracy suggested that cards be made, which can be sent by mail to party members when they are sick (get-well card) or have a birthday, Christmas or whatever. This will be discussed further at next meeting.

9. Angelo suggested we need more people on the religion commission and that a blast needs to be sent out to recruit. Connor Nance of GA was one mentioned that should be on it.

10. Tracy suggested various days when the commission could do a special event. These days are Labor Day, International Literacy Day, Mexican Independence Day, Constitution Day, Grandfather’s Day, International Day of Peace, Rosenberg Day, Fourth of July. This will be discussed further at next meeting.

11. Next meeting, Thursday August 29, 2019 at 8:30 Eastern time.

Minutes by: Toby