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CP of Mexico, About Mexico's participation in Tradewinds 2019

The Senate of the Republic, with the approval of all the bourgeois parties represented there, and in which MORENA, the ruling party belonging to the new social democracy, has a majority, approved the request of President López Obrador to send troops from the Army and Navy of Mexico to participate in military exercises under the command of the US Southern Command.

"Tradewinds" seeks dominance of the Caribbean region through a multinational military force under the coordination of the United States.

It is clear that for the Federal Government to speak of sovereignty is pure talk, and that one of the unknown aspects of the new FTA, the T-MEC, is military coordination with the US, against migrants and against other peoples.

The Communist Party of Mexico rejects these preparations for aggression against other peoples of the region.

Down the T-MEC!

Down with the participation of Mexico in any military action against other peoples!

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Mexico

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