Party commissions serve the purpose of building bodies within the party to appropriately deal with issues that affect the national, or international working class. Such being, for example, the LGBTQ+ commission to address the issues of homophobia, transphobia, etc. within the working class, to lead an LGBTQ+ movement of communist workers, to fight such forms of oppression and discrimination. The same can be said with the oppressed people’s commission, the women's rights commission, etc. The commissions built by the party should serve as movements within the main party, the Communist Party, that unites all workers in the struggle against capitalism, which has kept such groups as previously mentioned, in bondage to sell their labor for the profit of a small group. Said a group of capitalist barbarians profits off the suffering and desperation of the oppressed groups within the working class.

As Lenin said in "The Emancipation of Women"

"The communist women’s movement must itself be a mass movement, a part of the general mass movement."

These commissions serve as powerful jurisdictions within the Party to lead the united strike against the capitalists who assault our working-class sisters and brothers. To fight against the racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. that is created and promoted by capitalism to keep us divided. They are movements that are intertwined with the main party, with the common goal of liberation for all workers. Women liberation, black liberation, LGBTQ+ liberation, all will be reached with a united liberation movement under the red banner of socialism.

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List of PCUSA Commissions

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