Solidarity with The Bolivarian Revolution

The Party of Communists USA, and League of Young Communists USA express solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and the people of Nicaragua, two countries under the attack of imperialism. Recent events are more than just threats, they are physical attacks coordinated in the interests of the United States government for regime change. The assassination attempt on President Maduro’s life yesterday represents the urgent need for solidarity with the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan people. The right wing is actively working to destroy the Bolivarian revolution. In Venezuela and Nicaragua, the right wing is working alongside outside forces, chiefly the U.S. to roll back all of the developments in these respective countries, and deny their people’s right to self determination. International economic cartels, always aligned with United States, are the forces leading the counter-revolutionary movements in Latin America.

It is critical for progressives in the United States to support Venezuela and Nicaragua against Imperialism. It is our task as communists to lead the struggle within our own country, because it is our government who is mainly responsible for these attacks. We urge for the government of the United States and it’s citizens to fight for peace and not regime change.

PCUSA International Department