SOLIDARITY DAY WITH THE Republic of Bolivia & its Plurinational State

Bolivia is NOT ALONE!


The Party of Communists USA joins with our comrades around the world and condemns the coup d’etat produced in Bolivia, under the leadership of reactionary police and military forces, taking advantage of the limits, concessions and contradictions of the Bolivian government, that is to say, of progressivism.

We note that the external factor, mainly of the OAS as an instrument of imperialist policies, was fundamental for the internal reactionary forces. The OAS is an instrument of imperialism against all the peoples of America. It is necessary to put an end to its existence as a supranational instance that undermines popular sovereignty and the self-determination of peoples and nations.

We condemn the persecution unleashed against indigenous and popular organizations, against trade unions, to the working class. We express our solidarity with the Party and the Communist Youth of Bolivia.

We express our solidarity with the popular resistance presented in the cities and fields of Bolivia, reiterating that the history is written by the workers, the peoples.

We believe that, in the light of the latest continental events, it is ratified that the so-called constitutional order – to which various political forces and especially those aligned in progressivism and social democracy render candid fetishistic worship – is but a range of legal options and extra-legal to settle disputes between various power groups of the bourgeoisie and the relay managers of the ruling class dictatorship. This so-called bourgeois constitutional order is complemented by the coup d’etat alternatives. Social democracy in Latin America, also defined as progressivism, has accepted the laws of bourgeois gambling and has turned its efforts of exploitation and looting into illusions of improvement for the working class and the popular sectors. In different cases, it has accentuated militarization; has decided the participation of its Armed Forces in international coalitions that train them in the class struggle within their respective countries and make them part of the imperialist aggressions and the distribution of the world; intensifies the weight of the Army and repressive forces in national life. The weapons with which the bourgeoisie carries out assonance and coups, as in Bolivia, have been preserved, developed and strengthened by the so-called progressivism. In Bolivia, that same progressivism has been overwhelmed by the instruments of the bourgeoisie with which it ruled, the most affected being the workers and popular forces that face the situation. In this way, the bourgeoisie changes course according to the economic crisis that is already being noticed and links the decades of progressivism in its purpose of succeeding it with another capitalist management of clear reactionary orientations. To limit oneself to the anti-neoliberal struggle or to the existence of 
governments “contrary to neoliberalism” is to enter the political terrain favorable to the bourgeoisie.

Before the events in Bolivia, the Latin American peoples must extract the pertinent lessons. The claim to make profound and radical changes while preserving the bourgeois state, faces the harsh reality that the bourgeoisie finally imposes the last word by whatever means it deems appropriate.

The path of reforms does not favor an accumulation of forces in the direction of revolutionary qualitative leaps, it can further demobilize the popular forces, which facilitates the path to conservative and reactionary offensives of capitalist management. To go against neoliberalism without aiming against capitalism is to keep intact the basis of the contemporary problems of workers and peoples.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!