Socialist Party, Lithuania, Will we surrender to democratic fascists? (open letter of Algirdas Paleckis to Lithuania and the world)


During the first several months [of my imprisonment] I’ve been harbouring a small hope, but nonetheless hope, that the prosecution has maintained at least an element of common sense. That having performed the VSD’s (Valstybės Saugumo Departamentas – Department of State Security) orders to have me arrested, it will acknowledge the lack of evidence and terminate the proceedings. However, the prosecution systematically persists in doing the VSD’s bidding which. The latter, in turn, follows that of Grybauskatė.

The main fascist in Lithuania is Dalia Grybauskaitė. She’s the one who completed the construction of democratic fascism in our country. This construction is imported from the USA. Late 19th century America is where this perverse grimace of democracy originated. The financial oligarchy, having bought off the free press, permanently established itself at the top of the financial pyramid. And because it’s supposedly done democratically – until now it succeeds in eliminating all dissenters within, as well as outside of America.

The essence of democratic fascism is the timely and subtly “democratic” elimination of dissenters. At first – by setting the media against them. If they don’t give up then – financial pressure comes it. Either through fines, or by pressuring one’s place of work. If they continue to persist – what follows is the fabrication of a court case and imprisonment. In America the democratic fascists have perfected the elimination of dissenters into an art. And exported it to us.

Who wants to calmly live and breathe in Lithuania ought to be interested to clearly and decisively say “no” to democratic fascism. Yesterday they arrested me. Tomorrow they can arrest you.

I will never surrender.

Will you?

Algirdas Paleckis, May 27th, 2019, Vilnius.

Lukiškės prison