League of Young Communists USA say HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!

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The eyes of the world wearily and anxiously watch Venezuela. Over the previous 48 hours, a coordinated political attack has befallen this small nation. Yesterday (23rd of January), Juan Guaidó, who did not even run on the presidential ballot, had declared himself the new president of Venezuela amid the closing of the elections. This was immediately responded to with unilateral support from imperialist nations and their proxies, as well as unilateral support via omission of mass pro-Maduro demonstrations from imperialist media. The Imperialists are not even pretending anymore - this is a blatant attack.

Within Venezuela, supporters crowd out the pro-opposition in the streets and Maduro has expelled all US officials and closed the embassy. The Military has sided with Maduro, which seals the coups fate as a failure.

But a new threat is approaching...war. As the Imperialists grow increasingly desperate, they will manufacture a casus belli for war. Both the PRC and Russian Federation support Venezuela, the latter even has military staff and weaponry stationed in the country. We do not know the resolve of the Russian forces stationed there, but their mere presence deters an outright attack by Imperialists or their proxies on the country. We will see how willing the Imperialists are to spill blood over Venezuela...as attacking may escalate already tense relations between the US and Russia/China. A worldwide conflict would be disastrous no matter if conventional or nuclear.

We at the League of Young Communists USA support the Bolivarian government wholesale and wish to express our solidarity with the peoples of Venezuela as they weather yet another imperialist attack. We stand with the targets of imperialism and warfare - be it political, economic, insurgency, or outright invasion.

We congratulate the Bolivarians in repelling this attack, the eyes of the world are on all of us - and your action inspires the masses the world over. We will forever remember the Bolivarians and their struggle.

Long live Venezuela, the Bolivarians, and those in the struggle against Imperialism the world over! You inspire us all!

Political Bureau of the Central Committee
League of Young Communists USA