Joint declaration of the PCM and the PCTE


In commemorating the anniversary of the battle of Centla, the first confrontation between the troops commanded by Hernán Cortés and the original peoples of what is now Mexico, President López Obrador announced the sending of letters to Pope Francis and Felipe VI King of Spain, to that in the year 2021, the 500th anniversary of the beginning of colonial domination, the evaluation and recognition of the abuses of the conquerors will be given rise. The Spanish Government responded with rejection of that proposal.

The Communist Party of Workers of Spain and the Communist Party of Mexico declare:

We agree that the historical evaluation of the meaning of colonial domination, of capitalist accumulation based on the blood of the enslaved native and African peoples is necessary to extract every last drop of sweat and blood in the interest of profit, while the Gold and silver from America were "solvent elements" of feudalism and accelerators of capitalist development. The PCTE and the PCM will jointly address this issue based on the common bond and interests of the workers of Spain and Mexico.

We call attention to the chauvinistic wave unleashed between both peoples by this controversy between the ruling classes of both countries; We condemn, on the one hand, the historical deformation that promotes the justification of colonialism, the smooth cloak of the meeting of two cultures to hide the collapse and bloodthirsty meaning of the colony; and we condemn the version that reduces this period to a confrontation between Spaniards and Mexicans, forgetting the class responsibilities, the interests of the ruling class of the time. Spain, like Mexico, before and now, have been divided into social classes and are not the same interests or the same responsibilities of the oppressors and the oppressed. There are also many examples of the humanism of Spaniards opposed to colonial abuses and even of Spaniards who formed ranks with the insurgents of Mexico and America to put an end to the shackles of slavery and put an end to colonialism.

Colonialism accelerated the advent of capitalism. Today, the Spanish and Mexican governments are perfectly embedded in the framework of the capitalist system and defend it as the only possible one. Independently of any historical controversy, they are united in the present for the exploitation of the working class. But, in addition, such controversy among peoples is meaningless, if, as President López Obrador announces, the objective is reconciliation between the bourgeoisies of both countries and to pay for that historical period. Reconciliation is forgetting.

What is important for the working class, for all the workers and oppressed in Spain and Mexico, is the common struggle against the monopolies of both countries that exploit and oppress us. The fight against Bimbo, Gruma, La Caixa, FCC, Minera los Frailes, Cinepolis, against BBVA, Santander-Serfin, Movistar, Iberdrola, Repsol and other monopolies that exploit us and that increase their profits at the expense of the life of the proletariat, and whose interests have been guaranteed by Pedro Sánchez and López Obrador recently.

If chauvinism is a weapon for the bourgeoisie, for the working class its flag is proletarian internationalism.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

March 26, 2019
Communist Party of Workers of Spain
Communist Party of Mexico