Get out! Yankees out! Go home!

farc yankee go home

[Editors note: The following is a statement of the FARC-EP, Segunda Marquetalia, about the recent announcement that the United States is sending 800 troops to Colombia in an area close to Venezuela]


Colombia is not a beachhead nor an aircraft carrier of the gringos to invade Venezuela.

Hey, Trump, in case you didn't know it, Colombia and Venezuela are two sister nations born from the sword and the struggle led by the liberator Simon Bolivar. South America is not the backyard of the United States The Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny are no more than a fantasy, a neocolonial rant of certain rulers of the White House. Respect our freedom and our independence. The self-determination of the south, in unity, is and will remain our great dream until it is acheived. We will be a great nation of sister republics. This strategic vision of Bolivar has not lost its validity, nor has it been defeated; it is still the route to our future.

Our independence achieved its first victories in Boyacá and Carabobo with the unity of the armies

of Colombia and Venezuela. Later, the banner of freedom was planted in Pichincha and Ayacucho, with a Latin American army of Venezuelans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Chileans and Argentinians. The Liberator was right: "United we shall be strong and worthy of respect; divided and isolated, we will perish." No doubt we'll have to go back to those old times Trump’s watered down weeds of division, even with the help of a stateless, Santander-based oligarchy, will not be able to thwart the roadmap written by the Liberator with his own hands.

The world is changing. The peoples are waking up. Capital, that was born dripping with blood all over and producing humanitarian cataclysms, has been revealed in the midst of a pandemic which whips the world. Enough is enough! It's time for Washington to withdraw its troops from West Asia and abandon the illusion of maintaining its global dominance through force and barbarism.

The people of the United States themselves is already fed up with so much abuse and so much outrage carried out in its name. Nobody understands why in the midst of this global humanitarian crisis the persecution of the black brothers continues with an irrational, outdated, and anachronistic racism , and the riding roughshod over the right to free self-determination of peoples whose decorum prevents them from kneeling before a decadent empire also continues. This is what is happening with Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and other peoples. Leave them be, it is not a crime to embrace a social order they want to achieve for the happiness of their peoples.

Yes, the world is changing: even the United States military is turning its back on the orders of the irascible Trump to suppress the protests of discontent of his own people. In the main European capitals, people show solidarity with the wronged American citizens. The Israelis reject the annexation claim of Benjamin Netanyahu for the occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank. If you look directly in the eyes of common sense, there is no rational explanation that validates aggression against Venezuela by servile leaders such as Ivan Duque, president of Colombia. The Colombian soldiers who, although aware that the peace agreement of Havana was betrayed, don't want a war waged by the United States against Venezuela; they want peace, a dignified life, diplomatic solutions and respectful relations with neighboring countries.

All of us Colombians, the social and political movements, must ask the American soldiers, Americans, who have been sent to the country on the trivial pretext of fighting drug trafficking, that they do not join a war of aggression against Venezuela, that they declare themselves as conscientious objectors, like their comrades in arms, and demand their return to the country of the North.

Let's turn this historic crossroads, into a time of global solidarity. Solidarity of the peoples of the world with Venezuela being assaulted, outraged and robbed by Donald Trump. Solidarity with Fidel's Cuba, that, despite suffering an inhumane blockade, keeps spreading its solidarity to the suffering and the poor of the earth in the time of uncertainty and catastrophe. On the other hand, it is clear that the Iranians will not surrender, therefore respect their culture and their world view. The Persians are also a peace-loving people.

The struggle for humanity must triumph. The world must follow many paths of solidarity and brotherhood, in order to seek a solution to the world crisis. A new social order, a world of justice, respect, cooperation and brotherhood, is possible. We will all have - if we unite - a new opportunity on earth. The unity of the people is the hope of a new dawn.

For the FARC-EP, Segunda Marquetalia

Iván Marquez

June 10th, 2020

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