CP of the Workers of Spain, Resolution of the Political Bureau of the PCTE on the 26M elections


As the provisory results of the municipal, European and autonomic – in several Autonomous Communities – elections held yesterday are known, and while waiting a more thorough analysis of the whole electoral cycle which will be made in the next weeks, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the PCTE states the following:

1) First, we want to thank the thousands of people who have consciously supported our candidacies and also all those companions who, having met the members of the PCTE in the working-class and people's struggles, have accepted to participate in our municipal and autonomic lists. We express as well our warm greeting to the two comrades who have been elected as councillors in the municipality of Degaña, in Asturias.

2) The elections held yesterday mean the opening of a new political cycle specified in the reinforcement of the old social-democracy from PSOE. This new political cycle will also mean a transformation for the organizations of the new social-democracy, already fully submitted to PSOE and Sánchez once the impossibility of the “sorpasso” has been  proved.

3)The period opened since today, with every option about possible government pacts over the table, is going to mean new setbacks for the working-class and people's majority, which in addition still lacks a Communist Party with enough presence and strength all over the country. The PCTE aims to become that Communist Party, but there is still a lot of way ahead and it will be only through patient, everyday, systematic and audacious work in workplaces, neighbourhoods and workers' and people's struggles how the truly useful tool for the working class from our country will be forged.

4) Even though our Party concludes this electoral cycle stronger as of the organizational and our territorial presence, and in spite of having experienced a global increase of supports between April and May, our electoral results are quite modest and, apart from some exceptions, they are irrelevant in the institutional political scene. Among other factors, as it could not be in other way, the fact the acronym we use since March 3 is known by very specific sections of our class, but not by the huge majority of workers, who still trust mostly in some of the different options of capitalist management, has influenced in them.

5) The current number of votes to the PCTE are our starting point but, as a Communist Party which aims to make this capitalist country one country for the working class, the PCTE cannot nor want to settle for reaching to just a tiny section of the working majority, but we are willing to fight in all the spheres for the strengthening of the party in the period now opened and in which, whatever the capitalist alliance that will rule in each institution will be, class struggle will still be expressed everyday in industrial estates and neighbourhoods

6) The electoral work is one more aspect of the political work of the Communist Party. It is a very conspicuous and thus relevant aspect, but it is an exception in the daily work of the Party, which allows us to make tests we will later apply or not to our ideological, political and organizational work. All over this electoral cycle we have been taking notes of our own mistakes and weaknesses in these tasks, which are in most cases a result of our own weaknesses and shortages. We will face all of this in the next period. The PCTE is a party capable of learning from experience and correcting whatever it must be corrected, in the times and according to the goals set in our work plans and our Congress.

7) Our political proposal is complex and has a depth that demands a systematic and patient work, by taking advantage of all the available opportunities but bearing in mind there are no shortcuts not magic keys and that, eventually, the electoral work must always help and serve the development of the political and organizational project.

Today, we can say our Party is stronger than before these electoral processes, we are territorially more spread and we have more skills for intervening and tighter links with the class and the people. But we want to go forward. Thus we have now three main goals ahead:

- to step up the political-ideological struggle against social-democracy, and carry this struggle to workplaces.

- to develop and multiply Party organizations by emphasizing in the workers' shift and the agreements of our Congress.

- to multiply our presence and ideological influence among working-class and people's masses by any means we can reach, through an increasingly more systematic and professional work.


In this scene, the Political Bureau of the PCTE calls the ensemble of the labour and trade union movement to get ready and reinforce for a new cycle of struggles which must be led by the slogan that our class and our people must harbour no trust in capitalist governments.


Madrid, May 27, 2019

Political Bureau of the CC of the PCTE