CP of Mexico, Solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland

In response to the call of the Initiative of Communist and Workers Parties to protest anti-communist and reactionary measures in Poland and the European Union, a contingent of the Communist Party of Mexico went to the Polish Embassy in Mexico City on Wednesday, June 12 , to express their solidarity to the Communist Party of Poland.

Communism throughout its existence is the force that represents the interests of the working class, as well as the consequent struggle for freedom and democracy, as well as being the architect of the defeat of Nazi-fascism in World War II, so the PCM repudiates any attempt by the bourgeoisie and the social democracy to criminalize the communist parties.

Soon to reach a century of existence the Communist Party of Mexico demonstrates once again one of its characteristics throughout history: loyalty to proletarian internationalism.

We condemn the role of the opportunist forces of collaborating with capital in its slander of the history of the communist movement and its permanent attack on socialist construction in the 20th century.

The International Relations Section of the PCM