Our Mission

*Unite to oppose all anti-worker, anti-union trade deals.

* Support for low wage workers and the fight for $15 and a union campaign

* Campaign to repeal Taft-Hartley section 14 (b)  the so-called Right-to-Work law

* Campaign against current "right-to-work" legislation

 * Support effort to overturn the Communications Workers of America (CWA) vs. Beck decision

* Build Labor Today caucuses in each local union

* Build support for the anti-imperialist, principled trade union positions of the World Federation of Trade Unions and actively support and build the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) in North America. 

Our Publications

As with any commission, we issue statements regarding labor news, theory and much more.
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Labor Today - http://labortoday.us

World Federation of Trade Unions - http://wftucentral.org

International Longshore & Warehouse Union - http://www.ilwu.org

​Teamsters - http://www.teamster.org

Transport Workers Union - http://www.twulocal100.org