Our Mission

The Health, Safety, Aged, Disabled Commission stands firmly behind a revolutionary change in American health care. No longer can the health of American workers be dependent on a system where the rich have the means to demand quality health care and the overwhelming majority must survive with minimal care or outright denial of their need in order to provide capitalism with massive profits. The time for change is now. The profits of the corporations and the obscene spending of an American war machine must be made available to provide quality health for all Americans, so that older Americans don't have to choose between food and medicine each month because they lack the necessary income to afford both.

1. We stand for the creation of a national health plan and socialized medicine. No more private medicine, no more health insurance companies, no more private hospitals – profit or non-profit, no more hospital monopolies, no more profit pharmaceutical companies! Salaried physicians, nurses, medical care persons employed by government at reasonable rates of compensation with the full protections available to working people under a scientific socialist system! No more rationing of health care for the profits of others. Full health care for all Americans without health insurance, paid for by the American working class because it is their just due. No one excluded. No one forced into bankruptcy. Genuine health care for all Americans.

2. We need a full, national program in the training of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. We must have an educational system which has such training, with full federal funding, to all who are committed to serve where there is need. We must return control of pharmaceutical research and development to federal control and fund research without concern for profits. We must return to the people the basis for a national health care system, the hospitals, mental health care facilities, and community clinics.

3. The workplace must be made safe for workers; we must fund national programs to ensure that all have the best possible information on safety and health. We must take control to provide what working people need. This is our right and responsibility.

4. We must guarantee pensions for seniors and the disabled. Right now there is a movement to privatize their benefits, and to turn defined benefit plans into 401 (k) plans. This must never be allowed to happen. We must work and participate fully in the older adult and disabled workers’ organizations to solidify a movement against privatization of Social Security and other earned benefits.

Our Publications

As with any commission, we issue statements regarding current events, theory and much more. Using the button on the side, you can access the Health, Safety, Aged, Disabled Commission archive.