Where Do We Go From Here?

Dear Bernie & Tulsi supporters,

We’re sure you have seen how the corporate media has lied ruthlessly against Bernie Sanders, the only mainstream politician willing to stand up against the corruption, bigotry, and stagnation of the status quo. Corporate media like Fox News, the Washington Post, and the multi-millionaires on CNN cry bloody murder at the thought of even modest raises in taxes on their vast fortunes. Those who dare to suggest we reform a system where those with the money are free to buy any politician they like are labelled “radical,” and shoved to the margins by any means necessary. The only choice we are left with is between corrupt, cynical Democrats and equally corrupt, far-right Republicans.

The truth is, only one party really rules America: The Money Party. And whenever that party wants to crack down on worker’s rights, charge a fortune for life saving medicine, or invade yet another country, it always gets its way.

We in the PCUSA understand your demand for a better alternative! Throughout history Communists have been on the front lines of fighting for healthcare, housing, education, and a dignified life free from poverty and exploitation for everyone-no exceptions.

Here’s something to consider: Capitalist media subjects Bernie to the most vile, obvious slander for simply questioning their hold on power. Isn’t it possible that these same capitalists are lying straight to your face about socialist movements around the world, too?

For the past hundred years, communists and socialists have worked across the world to liberate those most exploited by slavery, capitalism and imperialism. We want to build a working class movement that fights for democracy, peace and dignity for people of all nations, not just our own.

The Party of Communists USA is committed to teaching working class history and applying those lessons to real, meaningful political organizing. That is why we invite you, a fellow worker, to learn and organize with us. We welcome you to listen in and learn from our free, public phone classes in the People’s School for Marxist-Leninist Studies (PSMLS).

Our nations’ current course is leading us toward climate catastrophe, war, and total corporate domination of the earth we share. With that in mind, it is clear that we have two choices: socialism or barbarism. Only together can we take on the wealthy elites that are so clearly willing to sell us, our planet, and our future down the drain. We hope you will join us in that struggle in the Party of Communists USA!

PSMLS Discord: https://discord.gg/mjTHzSX

PCUSA Contact Info: https://partyofcommunistsusa.org

Phone:1  (718) 979-6563

Email: info@partyofcommunistsusa.org