Statement on Australia’s Fire & Climate Change

January 17, 2020

The Animal Rights Commission of the PCUSA (Party of Communists USA) deplores the deaths of up to one billion animals caused by the out of control fires in the Australian countryside, and see this catastrophe as a premeditated act. The Animal Rights Commission believes there is a direct correlation between global warming, and the huge increase in use and demand for fossil fuel.

The Animal Rights Commission states that the time is now for the United States to rejoin the Paris Accords, and work toward cutting our nation’s carbon emissions to prevent future disasters of this scale from happening again. We demand immediate action on the part of our representatives in Congress.

It is our view that a “climate emergency” exists which has a direct detrimental impact on all living things. The United Nations must be called upon to devote all its time, energy, and resources to protecting all life on Earth. We must put an end once and for all to this capitalist barbarity known superficially as “climate change”.