Starbucks Drops ADL from anti-racist training

Starbucks released a press release about its upcoming anti-bias training…
… and the Anti-Defamation League has been demoted to a “consultant” role!

Better yet, three amazing Black leaders are now officially the leadership for the training: Sherrilyn Ifill from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Bryan Stevenson from the Equal Justice Institute, and Heather McGhee from Demos.
These incredible individuals will be supported by several organizations representing LGBTQ communities, Muslim communities, people with disabilities, Latino/a communities, and immigrants to their training team.
This is a true victory for people-power!
The fact that the ADL is no longer in leadership for this training makes it clear: the ADL’s legitimacy as a civil rights organization is tenuous at best.
Starbucks will never say it publicly, but because of the huge public outcry about the ADL’s unyielding pro-Israel positions, their refusal to condemn police violence, their incessant Islamophobia, and the convergence of all those retrograde positions in their active facilitation of US/Israeli police exchange programs, Starbucks had no choice but to demote them.
With so much bad going on in the world, it’s so important we celebrate when we win — and thank everyone who made it happen.
One person who deserves a special thanks is Lily Clifford, a barista at Starbucks who bravely shared her story with the JVP community as part of this campaign.
Click here to say “thanks Lily” and add a quick message.
We are proud to be part of the broad network of social justice actors who refuse to give up on the simple idea that all of us should be free. Who believe that the way to get there starts with real and earnest conversations – in our communities, families, and workplaces. Who are willing to turn something terrible – like the arrest of two Black men for simply being Black in a coffee shop – into a step forward.
Thanks for jumping in to support this campaign. I 100% believe there are even bigger changes ahead.