READER COMMENTARY: U.S. Imperialism & Endless War

By ComradeMarxo

Despite the vast differences in both civil and political alignment between the United States and Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump continues to support the authoritarian kingdom in its bloody conflict with Yemen, even though a bipartisan resolution by both bourgeois parties to end US support of the conflict was passed in congress.

There is a serious problem when an estimated 85,000 children have died since US involvement began. Another serious problem is that over 14 million citizens of Yemen are estimated to be at risk of famine due to the US-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia blockade of the Yemeni coast. It is high time that all Americans stand together and demand that this President back down from supporting murderous regimes.

As things stand now,  the United States is aiding the very same people that attacked us on 9/11. That’s right, Al Qaeda is fighting on our side. What in the world? I’m scratching my head and asking myself why this President is supporting the same people who killed thousands in his home city, New York. While we are not arming them or giving them money, we are sure making it easy for them to gain territory and terrorize citizens with fear. Al Qaeda is free to run rampant in a war-torn country with the support of a US blockade and US bombs.

We, as Americans, wonder why people around the world hate us. Maybe it’s because the US made bombs that are being dropped are dropped on civilian targets: their places of worship, schools, and homes – places that have nothing to do with war, which begs the question: “Are Americans supporting genocide?

Despite President Trump vetoing the bipartisan measure to end US involvement and the President taking steps to increase our involvement, we must stand together and collectively demand that all future Presidents, regardless of party, declare themselves to be anti-war. We must demand that they will not bend to companies like Raytheon, who are making a killing (both literally and figuratively) off of the Yemeni conflict.

To me, this will be the largest issue of our time. The issue is whether or not we allow large corporations, and the top 1%  to dictate our government. Unfortunately, we have a one-percenter in the head office of our beloved nation. However, not all hope is lost. We must begin to rid ourselves of the chains and shackles that hold our free nation back – the same chains and shackles that have driven our nation to take part in the senseless bloodshed around the world.

I ask you, the reader of this article, to put yourself in the shoes of someone in Yemen: maybe a worshiper who has been dismembered by a bombing on a mosque or a mother who sends her child to school, knowing the danger but valuing their education, only to find that your child was killed in a bombing. Or even put yourself in the shoes of a child who is malnourished and will die in the coming days. In each case lives are cut short, all in the name of profits. The answer to our problems is very clear; we must end the dangerous and bloody system of capitalism. For too long have people been crushed in the name of corporatism and profits.