Party Statement On The Use of Gendered Pronouns

From The LGBTQIA+ Commission

"To avoid the intentional or unintentional mis-gendering of our comrades, the use of gendered pronouns (she, her, he, him) will be discouraged from now on. Instead, comrades will be encouraged to use the gender neutral term 'comrade' to refer to one another. The LGBTQIA+ Commission will not tolerate the mis-gendering of any comrade in the party. As is stated in the Party Constitution, discrimination against a comrade based on their gender identity is means for disciplinary action. If this is encountered, the Commission will take the necessary steps, as outlined in the Constitution, to deal with the problem. Comrades will not be penalized for making an honest mistake. However, the intentional, or continuous mis-gendering of any comrade will result in the Commission taking the steps to seek disciplinary action, as outlined in the Party Constitution."