Dues are $80 per year,

and can also be paid monthly at the rate of $6.67 per month.

Unemployed, students or low-income member dues are $24 per year

or $2 a month. Dues may be paid  online, by mail, or where possible at District and Cell meetings. Donations are always appreciated.

The Worker newspaper is $12 per year

We also have RECURRING MONTHLY options in the amounts of $2,  $6.67,  $20. This helps PCUSA a lot on our overhead budgets if you can do so. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Full Year Member dues
Year dues-regular-paid by the month
Unemployed, students or low-income member dues – YEARLY
Unemployed, students or low-income member dues – MONTHLY
Donation to PCUSA
Monthly $5 Recurring Donation
Dues and Fund Drive Payments
2021 PCUSA Congress Fund DONATE!