The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) condemns the Trump regime's ratcheting-up of efforts to overthrow the legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela led by its democratically-elected president, Nicolas Maduro. This is being done out of desperation, after so many US-hatched attempts failed to undermine the Venezuelan people's support for Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Trump and his puppets failed to assassinate Maduro and the military leaders of Venezuela with the use of drones. They failed to instigate widespread violence and the barricading of roads. They failed with an attempt at intervention using so-called “US humanitarian assistance” coming through the Colombian border. They failed to get the UN and 140 member countries to recognize a puppet who declared himself as “interim president”. They failed to instigate public anger against Maduro for the power outtages caused by their own sabotage operations. And they failed in every attempt to instigate a military coup against Maduro.

The latest attempt last April 30, with the puppet Juan Guaido flanked by 2 dozen military defectors at Plaza Altamira, calling on the people to stage a “mother of all marches” to the Miraflores presidential palace to oust Maduro, ended tragicomically. A few hundred middle- and upper-class minions of Trump did march, only to be confronted –- not by the military, but by the Venezuelan Civil Guards with tear gas --- and the much heralded “mother of all marches” sputtered in the face of thousands of Chavistas protectively surrounding the presidential palace.

With Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López declaring that the military was standing strong with President Maduro and that every military base in the country was operating normally, Guaido and his close associates scurried to again hide in the embassies of some US puppet states. The next day, International Workers' Day, over 400,000 people from Caracas and outlying areas marched to Miraflores Palace to condemn Guaido's earlier appeals to his US masters to use US military forces to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela, even to bomb his own country to “restore democracy”.

Stung by this failure of their latest plan, Trump's terror team (Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliott Abrams) again raised the specter of a direct US military adventure in Venezuela. This, despite the warning from 60 countries led by Russia which are forming a strong shield against any direct US aggression. The Venezuelan will to resist is also strong : beside the regular armed forces, the militia is being increased to 2.5 million, from the present 1.5 million strong. But still, the threat of a US military option against Venezuela could lead to a grave conflict with regional and even global consequences, in case of any miscalculation by the Trump regime. It should be clear to everyone that in pushing for regime change and the reversal of the Bolivarian socialist orientation in Venezuela, Trump and his gang are flagrantly violating the UN Charter which prohibits (in Chapter I, Article 2 [4]), the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.

Smarting from their latest gaffe in Caracas, the Trump regime chose a soft target by raiding the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC on May 14 to brutally arrest a group of US citizens authorized by the Maduro government to safeguard this embassy since the 2 countries broke diplomatic relations. After a month of surrounding this embassy with right-wing and racist thugs, heavily-armed US federal agents moved in, claiming to enforce the request of a fake “ambassador” allegedly appointed by a fake “interim president”. This raid is a violation of Article 22 of the 1961 Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations, which requires that foreign embassies should be protected by the host government, even when countries are at war or have severed diplomatic relations. International law requires that diplomatic premises shall always be inviolable. But US violations of international law are never the subject of press reports churned out for international (including Philippine) consumption by the 3 imperialist mouthpieces –- the Associated Press (AP), Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Reuters.

So far, the only success that the Trump regime has attained is in bleeding the Venezuelan economy --- seizing the revenues and assets of the Venezuelan government in the USA, banning the sale of Venezuelan oil to other countries through an embargo, and supporting the UK's theft of Venezuelan gold in British banks. Venezuela lost an estimated $130-Billion from US sanctions that began with the Obama administration in 2014. Some economists calculate that 40,000 Venezuelans have died in the past 2 years as a direct result of the sanctions that prevent the Bolivarian government from buying medicines from the USA and other western countries--- particularly insulin and cardiovascular medicines for millions of Venezuelans with diabetes and hypertension. The US blockade is meant to starve and kill people, playing upon the sharp drop in Venezuelan oil prices (to one-third of the previous level) since a decade ago. This led to food and medicine shortages, forcing hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans to emigrate.

US sanctions and the sharp drop in Venezuelan oil revenues severely limited the space for stability in the country. Sanctions prevent international investments for internal development, as the government is unable to purchase raw materials and equipment. Even the system of subsidized rationing of food --- the provision at little cost of a large bag of food (containing rice, beans, pasta, cooking oil, sugar, flour, etc.) to every resident every 2 weeks –- is now being targetted. Foreign companies which continue to export food and medicines to Venezuela are being threatened with US sanctions. Also threatened with sanctions are foreign companies which assist Venezuela's Gran Mision Vivienda (Great Housing Mission, initiated by former President Hugo Chavez) which has already built 2.6-million houses for the working people since 2011.

But the Venezuelan people fully understand what is happening. They know how much worse it would be if the opposition were successful in overthrowing the government and privatizing the state sector of the economy. The Venezuelan people understand that the Chavez nationalization of the country's rich oil industry provided the resources to mitigate extreme poverty and improve the lives of the workers and peasants in Venezuela. For 20 years, the Venezuelan people have developed a strong revolutionary consciousness, and a firm determination to defend and advance the Bolivarian Revolution towards socialism.

The PKP-1930 therefore calls on the Filipino people and the international community to condemn the Trump regime's intensification of efforts to overthrow President Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution. No to the imperialist usurpation of the free will of the Venezuelan people ! No to the US blockade against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ! No to a US military adventure against Venezuela !

General Secretary, PKP-1930

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