This official policy has been formerly established for the legal protection of both the PCUSA as a whole and its membership.

The PCUSA firearm policy specifically dictates that:

1. All members who seek to obtain a firearm must do so in compliance with their state's gun laws.

This means:

  • Legally obtaining a concealed carry license and/or any other permits/licenses that the state requires before purchase of a firearm.
  • All purchases of firearms or ammunition must be legal, meaning no private sales unless deemed legal under the state's laws.
  • Members who seek to obtain a firearm must go through a gun safety course or other gun training required by law of their individual state. If the state’s laws do not require that a gun owner undergo gun training, the member must nonetheless take a gun safety course or other gun training of their own volition.
  • The firearm obtained must not be used in illegal activity such as assault or robbery, as such actions will be condemned by the party as a whole.
  • Members who obtain a firearm are not allowed to display their weapon unless their lives are in danger, and even then weapon must be drawn only when the person(s) endangering their life has a weapon and appears willing to take their life. Otherwise their weapon should not be visible unless in the privacy of their own home, or at the shooting range.

2. Before a firearm is obtained by any member of the Party, they must go through a class on firearms and state law. Some states do not require you to go through a class on firearms before getting permits and this is dangerous for first-time gun owners who do not consider proper gun safety etiquette. Firearms classes will educate first-time gun owners on safety, proper use of a firearm, proper handling of a firearm, etc.

3. The Party will not promote any gun clubs or gun events; however, members are free to attend events or go to gun clubs outside of the purview of Party representation. Members of Party clubs are also allowed to participate in activities such as attending a shooting range, firearm classes, gun shows, and/or gun discussion events. However, they will not be acting as agents of the Party in doing this. The Party does not endorse or promote these events or activities.

4. Regarding leftist gun organizations such as Redneck Revolt (RR) or Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), members are allowed to partake or join these groups, so long as it does not conflict with the policy of the PCUSA on joining a separate political party organizations and/or conflict with the regulations in this document for all PCUSA members.

5. Before any and all members go through the process of obtaining a firearm, non-lethal measures should be explored first; for example, obtaining non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, or training in martial arts and/or boxing.

6. If a member obtains a firearm, said member must seek and obtain legal protection in case the time comes the use of said firearm puts them in legal trouble. Such a case is a reality for multiple Americans, and it is important not only the legal obtaining of a firearm, but the legal protection of members who use their firearm for self-defense purposes.