Party of Labour of Austria, Against anti-communism and distortion of history – Solidarity with the CP of Poland!

Declaration of the Party of Labour of Austria (Partei der Arbeit Österreichs, PdA), Vienna, 11 June 2019

The government and the two parliamentary chambers of Poland are currently preparing the adoption of a law which, in accordance with the unscientific and revisionist “totalitarianism” doctrine, contains new repressions against the revolutionary workers’ movement. The goal is the complete illegalization of communist organizations and activities in Poland. After the prohibition to report about pogroms organized by Polish citizens before and the participation of them in crimes during the fascist occupation, after the attempt to force the judicature under the control of the majority party PiS, this represents a further step towards the construction of an authoritarian state and the associated structure to oppress its own population. A ban on reporting facts is an expression of current power relations, but does not change historical facts.

The Polish state power is prepared to equate the murderous occupation regime of German Hitler-fascism 1939-1945 with the time of the People’s Republic of Poland 1944-1989 and tries in general to place fascism on the same level as socialism-communism. Such an approach always means that fascism should be rehabilitated and socialism discredited.

It is a fact that the German Nazis murdered six million Polish citizens during the years 1939-1945, including Jews, Catholics and Socialists/Communists – only the USSR and China had more victims during the Second World War. Further millions of people of different nationalities lost their lives in the German-Fascist concentration and extermination camps which the Nazi regime set up on Polish territory, among them again mainly Jews, but also Roma, homosexuals, anti-fascist resistance fighters, politically persecuted and other victim groups. 1939-1945 there was a criminal system of terror in Poland which arbitrarily deported, imprisoned, tortured and murdered civilians.

This system was fought by the Polish, Jewish and Communist resistance, finally overthrown by the Soviet Red Army. The Red Army liberated Warsaw from the Nazis on 1 January 1945 (together with the 1st Polish Army), Krakow on 19 January and Auschwitz on 27 January. These were the prerequisites for the further advance to Germany and the capture of Berlin at the beginning of May 1945, with which German fascism was crushingly defeated and the Second World War in Europe ended. The Red Army and communist resistance groups had liberated most of Europe at this time, because they were the most determined opponents of fascism. Thus today’s independent Poland owes its liberation from Hitler-fascism essentially to the historical merits of the socialist Soviet Union and the countless victims among the ranks of the victorious Red Army.

The new Polish bill wants to put fascism and its most bitter opponent on the same level. It is pretended that the Nazi terror regime and those who liberated Europe from it are indistinguishable. This is an unacceptable and highly immoral unhistorical distortion that serves to misinform, illiterate and incite the people – and, in real political terms, to further repress the Polish communists. Their activities and mere existence are now to be declared illegal in principle. This is also an attack on fundamental civil rights.

We protest against this law and expect a careful examination by the Polish Constitutional Court and the institutions of the European Union, however we have little hope in this respect. Antifascism and the fight for a world without capitalist exploitation and oppression, without imperialist and fascist wars are not crimes. We protest against the distortion of the historical truth and the destruction of anti-fascist monuments in Poland and demand the recognition of the merits of the Red Army and the communist resistance. We protest against the slanderous campaign against the historical People’s Republic of Poland, which was so far the greatest achievement of the Polish working class.

Above all, however, we protest concretely against the continued persecution of the Communist Party of Poland (Komunistyczna Partia Polski, KPP), which bears the legacy of anti-fascist struggle, social liberation, the Marxist worldview and internationalist friendship. We declare our full solidarity with the KPP and we are convinced that our Polish comrades will not capitulate to the repressions of the nationalist, reactionary and right-wing extremist forces. The struggle continues – the ultimate victory of socialism in favour of humanity is inevitable.

No to anti-communist repression and distortion of history!

For a Poland of the working class, without oppression and exploitation!

Solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland!