Message from Gen. Sec. UNITY is the Key to Party Building

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Contact: Dr. Angelo D’Angelo
General Secretary
Politburo of the Central Committee, PCUSA
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UNITY is the Key to Party Building

Tonight, I was impressed and inspired by the Oppressed Nationalities Commission meeting. They planned out their agenda for 2019 with Cadre Tracy Ford elected as Chair. It is great to see the continuation of African American leadership within our Party. It was the Communist Party who had the first African American on a Presidential ticket in America. James W. “Jim” Ford (December 22, 1893 – 1957) was an activist and politician, the Vice-Presidential candidate for the Communist Party USA in 1932, 1936, and 1940. A party organizer born in Alabama and living in New York City, Ford was the first African American to run on a presidential ticket in the 20th century.

I remember the words of a great trade unionist, organizer and leader in the Communist Party in America who spoke eloquently on UNITY. Hosea Hudson was a great spokesperson. He said:

"The major slogan among the Black people in these perilous times must be to unite. I repeat this again and again because I, know how our enemies try to divide us. We should unite Black people and above all the Black youth, not for a separate state in this country, not to hate the white youth and the poor white working masses, but to join with them because only through such unity will we be able to play our role as a force to make the wealth of our country benefit all the people, to enable them to live without hunger and want. To sum up the meaning of my seventy years of living, I would say that four words are sufficient: Learn, Struggle, Organize, Unite."

He also states, "What gains we have won have grown out of the kind of organizations and campaigns, I have described. My only real education came through the teaching of Marxism-Leninism and the leadership of the Communist Party (in America). What other parties could possibly teach the people such understanding of politics as it taught me?"

Comrades, the Party of Communists USA is a great party. We teach and lead by the inclusion for all. All are equal in our party. You can't tear us down, for we hold each other up and include everyone in the struggle towards Communist socialism. Stand proud, we have great leaders, we have great teachings, and our commissions and mass organizations contribute to this UNITY that Hosea Hudson stood for. Our Party membership is full of persons who believe and live their lives with the UNITY Hosea Hudson talked about.

Be proud to call yourself a PCUSA member!

Signed this day,

Dr. Angelo D’Angelo
General Secretary
Politburo of the Central Committee, PCUSA