The following are comrades of our Party who have passed while in our rank and file and fighting for the future of socialism. Let their actions be examples we live by, and let their fight be carried on to this day and beyond.

Remembering Greg Rose

Greg Rose - Passed in 2016

Greg Rose was a communist and university professor for the PCUSA. His studies helped boost the educational and ideological status of the rank and file, and his help assisted us in advancing to where we are today. Rest in peace.


Alex Krasheninnikow - Passed in 2018

Alex was born in Soviet Ukraine, he was a member of the old CPUSA before he left for the PCUSA. He became a member of U.S. Friends of the Soviet People (USFSP) in the 1990's, he also got involved in Labor United for Class Struggle (LUCS) in 2015. He was a singer, he sang with comrades at the 2016 PCUSA congress, and he was a musician. Rest in peace.


John Dennie - Passed in 2019

John Dennie was a communist activist and comrade of the PCUSA, he was involved in anti-war movement and the labor movement. He was involved in Labor United for Class Stuggle (LUCS), he would table for the PCUSA, he would join the LGBT+ parades, he was a very active comrade of the Party. Rest in peace.