PCP condemns a new step in the war of aggression against Syria


The PCP condemns the ongoing Turkish military aggression against Syria aimed at a direct occupation of part of its territory, which constitutes an open violation of International Law and a new and dangerous development in the aggression against that country.

It should be noted that the aggression against Syria was launched eight years ago by the US and other NATO members - including Turkey - in collusion with the Zionist regime of Israel and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, among others, and with the support of the Portuguese Government.

At a time when several governments and institutions hypocritically try to give an appearance of disassociation from this new military aggression against Syria, the PCP recalls the complicity of the European Union and the active participation of its major powers - particularly France and the United Kingdom - in the continuous subversions, aggressions and crimes in the Middle East region, starting with Syria. Likewise, the PCP recalls that the various terrorist groups that remain in Syrian territory were, or continue to be, under the orders of the aggressor imperialist powers that created, trained, fund, arm and protect them as part of their strategy of destabilization, occupation and division of Syria.

The PCP alerts to the involvement of the Trump Administration in complex manoeuvres of conspiracy, of which its stand on this aggression is an integral part, and the danger that it could be part of a larger operation aimed at freeing thousands of terrorists from the so-called “Daesh” and other groups, recycling them for further acts of aggression in the Middle East - whether in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen or Iran - or elsewhere in the world, notably in Central Asia, or Afghanistan, or Africa.

The PCP believes that only respect for International Law and, first of all, for the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic will end an aggression of unforeseeable consequences for the Middle East and the world. In this regard, the PCP reaffirms the call for an end to the aggression against Syria; the withdrawal of all foreign military forces of occupation, such as those of the US, which illegally remain in Syrian territory; and the return of all Syrian territories to the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, including the Golan Heights, illegally occupied by Israel.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with Syria and its people, who have resisted the huge operation of aggression and interference that was launched over the past eight years. The victory of the Syrian people in defending the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of their country is a major factor in defeating the plans of imperialism in the Middle East - including those of liquidating the just cause of the Palestinian people and those of military aggression against Iran; to defend International Law and the rights of the peoples of the region; and to respond to the complex problems that result from the colonial heritage and decades of domination and interference by imperialism, as is the case the Kurdish issue.

The PCP expresses its solidarity with the millions of displaced persons and refugees who are victims of the strategy of aggression and division of Syria promoted by imperialism and condemns the manoeuvres that violate their rights, both by the European Union and by the Turkish Government.

The PCP demands from the Portuguese Government a clear position of distancing and rejection of the strategy of destabilization, aggression and division of Syria promoted by imperialism and the demand for respect for International Law and for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Greetings to the FSLN on the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution

On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia we send warm and revolutionary greetings to the FSLN on the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua.

On 19th July 1979 we witnessed the last successful armed revolution of the 20th Century. The all-out popular war defeated Nicaraguan dictator Somoza, one of the most horrible butchering dictatorships in Latin America.

Under the leadership of Commander in chief Carlos Fonseca Amador, the FSLN made the correct strategic and tactical assessment giving leadership to the insurrectional and guerrilla warfare effort in which the entire people participated in the overthrow of Somoza’s dictatorship. They followed the legacy of the “General of Free Men” Augusto Cesar Sandino.

A very young revolution was confronted with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the pressures that mounted in the unipolar world of the 90’s. Including the US inhumane war against the Sandinistas with the CIA sponsored Contras as well as the economic war against the people. We remember the victims of the war in particular the Cachorros (pups) youngsters who gave their lives in defence of the homeland and their revolution.

In Nicaragua’s elections the FSLN lost an election to Violeta Chamorro in 1990 and the neoliberal policies of the past were returned. The people quickly remembered the reasons for their earlier struggle and the support for the FSLN returned. Daniel Ortega and the FSLN returned to power in 2007.

Since then the FSLN under the leadership of Commander Daniel Ortega has rebuilt the basis of the revolution despite the attacks by US imperialism which at the beginning of 2018 tried to overthrow the government.

Nicaragua have overcome the attacks to proudly build a society that provided for the people and is free of gangs and other miseries. The building of a socialist society is the task the Sandinistas have ahead in their program.

We stand in solidarity with the Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN on the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution. We paid our respects to all those whose blood fertilised the road to a successful popular revolution.

In solidarity,
Communist Party of Australia, CPA


Message of militant popular resurgence from the thousands who flooded the center of Athens

A clear and decisive message of militant resurgence and optimism for the battle being waged up until the last moment before the elections July 7th to strengthen the KKE, was sent by the huge central pre-election rally held by the KKE in Syntagma Square, the center of the Greek capital, addressed by the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, who noted among others that: "Every next government of anti-people management will be the same and worse than the previous one. This is because it builds upon the anti-people framework that is already in place and reinforces it. Within this new anti-popular scenario, there is one and only one issue. The need for the KKE to be strong so we can fight even more powerfully, more decisively within the Parliament but also in the labor unions, the workplaces, the neighborhoods, the schools and universities. To struggle for what we need, for that which the people create but also that which is robbed from us by a series of reactionary laws that are in place and will continue to be so."

D. Koutsoumpas, referring to the anti-people policies of the "left" SYRIZA government, but also to the plans of the right-wing ND party and the social-democratic KINAL, in contrast to the different line of struggle that KKE has laid out, stressed: "Progress does not mean sucking the life out of an entire people in order to give it back to a few monopolies with funds and programs for their strengthening. Progress is with scientific central planning, with the people masters of their homeland and with the keys to the economy in their hands, for their contemporary social needs to be satisfied on all levels: in health, education, leisure, social insurance, culture, athletics. The scenario for our lives we will write ourselves and it will be written based on our needs. It will be written with our dreams. The KKE will be here on July 8th. We call on the people to contemplate, to assess the strength, the impetus that workers' struggles can have if the KKE has a higher percentage, is stronger, with more parliament members. With greater possibilities of supporting and organizing our demands. With greater possibility of revealing what's really going on and putting forward relief measures in the Parliament."

The GS of the CC of the KKE noted that "the dangerous developments in our region are one additional reason to strengthen the KKE in the July 7th elections. Because, as we all know, the more active involvement of our country in the designs of the USA and NATO, in the energy rivalries that are escalating in the wider region, are just another side of the anti-people coin of the domestic front of our country. These policies brought about the American-NATO Prespes deal. These policies are bringing new greater dangers in the Aegean and in Cyprus, based on the logic of "joint management" that is being promoted by NATO and the USA. They are bringing, more than anything else, great dangers for the peoples of the region, more generalized warfare. These policies have transformed the energy reserves that exist in our country and the neighboring countries into a curse for the peoples."

Referring to the political forces that aim to surpass the electoral limit of 3% so that they can be represented in the new Parliament, he stressed that "in the next Parliament 4 memorandum parties – ND, SYRIZA, KINAL, MERA25 - , 2 fascist, far-right entities – Golden Dawn and Greek Solution, are vying for seats. AND the KKE! We will not allow those who governed before and have brought us to the state that we are in; nor will we allow the fascists, the racists and the far-right to speak in the name of the people and the youth. On July 7th all of the next period will be decided, from July 8th and on. What will be decided is how strong is the party that will stand beside the people, the youth. How strong will we be against the new government that will continue the same harsh anti-popular policies."

Koutsoumpas called upon the working people and the youth not to abstain from the elections, to overcome economic difficulties or other difficulties related to the elections being held during the summer period, so that no vote for the KKE is lost. "In the elections we vote. We vote for the KKE. Votes for the KKE means that we keep hope alive for the people. The people hold their lives in their hands!"

CP of Ireland, Political statement National Executive Committee, Communist Party of Ireland March 2019



At its regular meeting on 16 March 2019 the National Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Ireland discussed the current situation in relation to the continuing debate about Brexit and also the decision of the Public Prosecution Service in regard to the prosecution of members of the British military in connection with the events of Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972 and the murder by the British state military of fourteen innocent Irish citizens taking part in an anti-internment march. 
      In the decision of the Prosecution Service that only one out of sixteen British soldiers will face prosecution for their involvement in the events of that day, the British state has concurred in the assertion that the bodies of fourteen civilians are insufficient evidence for prosecuting all those involved. The only soldier who may face charges will have the full financial and legal support of the British state. 
      The only prosecutions considered were those of individual soldiers, never of their commanding officers, nor of the politicians responsible. While an individual soldier may be sacrificed, the real decision-makers—the British state, politicians, and military command—will remain untouched and untouchable. 
      It is against this background that working people need to understand the comments made on 6 March in the British parliament by the Secretary of State, Karen Bradley, not as the comments of an ill-informed or ignorant British Tory politician but rather as a very clear political message of support to the British military establishment: that their service in protecting the interests of imperialism will go unchallenged. 
      The campaign of the families of the victims in both the Derry and the Ballymurphy mass murders to expose the lies and cover-ups must be applauded, and acceptance that their family members, friends and neighbours were murdered as part of a deliberately organised and directed policy by the British state. Their persistent and unwavering campaign, which has gone on for forty-seven years and continues today, must be supported.


The crisis within the ruling class deepens. The continuing struggle within the British establishment and state regarding Brexit and the extent of the relationship or separation between Britain and the European Union continues to expose the deep fissures within the British ruling class and within British social democracy. 
      This crisis within the European Union has also exposed the subservient relationship of the Irish ruling class towards the EU. The Irish establishment are being increasingly exposed as vassals of the EU, and have allowed the Irish national democratic question to be used as a foil by all sides, both pro and anti-Brexit forces within Britain, and by the EU. 
      Neither side in this struggle cares for the working class of Ireland: they are simply using the imposed British border in Ireland as a means to an end, to secure their own interests. 
      The CPI continues to assert its long-held position that the only lasting solution is to end partition and to end the domination of both British and EU imperialism. What is becoming clearer is that many business and farming interests, particularly from a unionist political background, as well as business interests throughout the whole country, now see the all-Ireland economy as being in their own material interests. 
      The CPI reasserts its view that it is opposed to any border across our country, or the use of divisions among our people, as a blocking mechanism, and that any boundary between the British state and the European Union should be at the borders of Britain itself. 
      The CPI calls for the unity of all those forces that oppose imperialist domination and calls on them to work together to build the forces necessary to take advantage of the crisis within the British ruling class and a bankrupt Irish establishment to push forward the demand for ending division and partition, to articulate the possibilities of what a new Ireland would hold for the working class of Ireland.

Tudeh Party of Iran, URGENT Solidarity with the people of Sudan

3/12/19 12:59 PM


·          Iran, Tudeh Party of Iran  Joint Statement  En Asia  Communist and workers' parties

The Communist and Workers’ Parties undersigning this statement condemn the continued repression of peaceful protesters in Sudan since 19th December 2018.

They note that a national state of emergency was declared in Sudan on 22 February by president Omar al-Bashir amidst the dictatorial regime’s continued attempts to suppress the mass popular protests.

This development has taken place against the backdrop of attempts by US imperialism and its reactionary allies in the region to find a way to rescue the regime through certain superficial changes in the composition of the government. All these conspiracies are an expression of political panic among imperialist and reactionary forces that fear the eventual victory of the Sudanese people and their aspirations for freedom, democracy, peace and social justice.

The democratic opposition forces in Sudan have strongly condemned these new repressive measures and called for continued mass and popular protests to achieve the goals of the Sudanese people. The Sudanese Communist Party has called for a strengthening in the resolve and unity of the opposition, towards preparing for the declaration of a general strike and subsequent campaign of civil disobedience.

In response to the declaration of the national state of emergency, despite the escalating repression meted out by the regime’s security forces, mass popular demonstrations have taken place in Khartoum and the main cities as well as towns all over Sudan. About 3000 people, among them over 200 women activists, are still languishing in the prisons and detention centres of the regime under harsh and inhumane conditions. They include 16 members of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party as well as scores of its cadres and members. Among the detainees are Comrade Mohamed Mokhtar al-Khatib, the political secretary of the party, and members of the leadership of the party: Masoud Al Hassan, Sidig Yousif, Ali Saeed, Hanadi Fadl, Faiza Nugud, Salih Mahmoud, Amal Gabralla, Mohamed Aburas, Hashim Mirghani, Osama Hassan, Seid Ahmed Al Khatib and Mokhtar Mahmoud.

The Communist and Workers’ Parties strongly condemn the bloody repression by the dictatorial regime and its security forces and support the just demands of the Sudanese people and their peaceful protest movement.

The Communist and Workers’ Parties demand the immediate and unconditional release of Comrade Mohamed Mokhtar al-Khatib and all the political detainees in Sudan.


AKEL, Cyprus

Communist Party of Greece

Communist Party of India [Marxist]

Tudeh Party of Iran

Portuguese Communist Party

South African Communist Party

Party of Communists USA