Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has announced that he will organize Serbs living in the United States to vote for Donald Trump in the country’s upcoming presidential election.

– I will organize to formalize support for Trump in the next election. Serbs in America vote for Trump anyway. If we do it wisely, if we combine those voices,  we will create a better position in the new administration – Dacic told the Belgrade daily paper “Serbian Telegraph” and reminded that there are 650,000 Serbs in America.
Ivica Dacic’s nonsensical position that the Serbian community in the US should support Trump’s xenophobia because “we are in favor” is nothing new. He also took that stance before the last US presidential election, based on a long-standing foolish position of reformist anti-Milosevic leadership of the Socialist Party of Serbia, that consider US Republicans as “isolationists” and therefore less evil for Serb interests than Democrats. This is, of course, nonsense because aggressive imperialists, among other things, their anti-Serb policies are carried out equally by presidents from both major US bourgeois parties.
This is also true of Donald Trump, whom Dacic and SPS leaders thought would do differently. “The Messenger” recalls that under the Trump administration, the United States, which continues to recognize Kosovo as an “independent state”, is constantly pushing official Belgrade to accept this “independence”, to continue to have occupying NATO troops in the territory of the southern Serbian province  and the largest military base in the Balkans, “Bondstil”. We remind Dacic that the Trump administration has not changed its views on the dismantling of the SFR Yugoslavia by Western imperialism, which has left many of the Serbian people out of their homeland of Serbia, as well as on the criminal aggression against the FR Yugoslavia resulting from the occupation of Kosovo by NATO, the “striking fist” of Western imperialism.
It is quite clear to everyone that as a representative of the interests of multinational capital, Trump continues with an anti-Serb position, except Ivica Dacic, who reiterates the short-sighted and inaccurate views that Donald Trump, an avowed reactionary, xenophobic and supporter of racism, is “more sympathetic to Serbs than Democrats.”
In addition to pursuing a policy completely opposed to Serbia’s interests, Trump is an imperialist bandit who puts constant pressure on China, Cuba, DNR Korea, Venezuela, legitimate authorities in Syria, Iran, continues to hold US occupation troops in Afghanistan, recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital et cetera.
Therefore, Serbs in the United States should by no means vote for this knowledgeable reactionary and capitalist must always be against his policies. This, of course, does not mean that Serbs in the US should support the equally reactionary bourgeois candidate of the Democratic Party. In the absence of genuinely progressive candidates, Serbs in the United States need to choose the best tactical solution that will prevent “greater evil” from coming to power. It is quite clear to Serbs in the United States that Donald Tramp, a xenophobic and covert racist, is wicked for their interests as descendants of a native language other than English.

“The Messenger” points out that Serbs and other Yugoslavs in the United States, when it comes to voting in elections, should follow the instructions of the Party of the Communists of the USA (PCUSA) and join its ranks because it is the only party in the country that stands for for the true interests of the people who live off their work.