Southern District

Eastern District

Midwestern District

Pacific-Western District


The above image is a map of our districts. Depending if you’re in the Eastern, Southern, mid-western, or pacific-western districts will mean which district organizer you will be in contact with upon joining the organization, and will mean which call for which district you’ll need to attend upon joining.

Districts will have separate emails in the near future.


Note: Some clubs are merged with others within neighboring states or cities as a means to keep small clubs surviving, give new clubs guidance from older clubs, or add additional influence over a specific region.

All members will be joined into their nearest club or the club over their corresponding state. Activity in your club will be your primary focus as a member next to your ideological development.

Eastern District:

Elizabeth G. Flynn club (NH, VT, CT, RI, ME, MA, Northeastern NY)
Paul Robeson/Claudia Jones club (NJ, NY, PA)
Buffalo club
Bernard Ades/George Meyers Club (MD)
Appalachian club (WV, VA)


Southern District:

Ralph Gray club (AL, GA)
Levi Coffin club (SC, NC, TN)
Texas Club
Jesus Colón club (FL)
Red River club (OK, LA, AR)

Midwestern District:

Gus Hall club (MN, SD, ND)
Wyndham Mortimer Cub (MI)
Flory-Kling Club (IL, IN)
William Z. Foster Club (OH, KY)
Earl Browder Club (KS, MO, IA)

Pacific-Western District:

Greg Rose club (Southern CA)
John Reed club (WA, OR)
Lorenzo Torrez (UT, AZ)
Harry Bridges (Northern CA)