Southern District

Eastern District

Midwestern District

Pacific-Western District


The above image is a map of our districts. Depending if you’re in the Eastern, Southern, mid-western, or pacific-western districts will mean which district organizer you will be in contact with upon joining the organization, and will mean which call for which district you’ll need to attend upon joining.

Districts will have separate emails in the near future.


Note: Some clubs are merged with others within neighboring states or cities as a means to keep small clubs surviving, give new clubs guidance from older clubs, or add additional influence over a specific region. States mentioned with a "coming soon" by them means a new club is in the process of being built there.

Eastern District:

NY; number of clubs: 1

NY (upstate); number of clubs: 1

NJ; number of clubs: 1

MD; number of clubs: 1

Southern District:

FL; number of clubs: 2

TX; number of clubs: 1

GA; coming soon

LA; coming soon

Midwestern District:

OH; coming soon

MN; number of clubs: 1

MI; number of clubs: 1

CO; coming soon

Pacific-Western District:

CA; number of clubs: 1 (second club coming soon)

Northern CA; coming soon

OR & WA; number of clubs: 1

UT; number of clubs: 1

HI; number of clubs: 1

AZ; coming soon

Note: These clubs are not representative of our entire membership. We have comrades who are alone in some locations, and this is partially due to our membership being spread out across the nation. It is the job of those interested in the PCUSA but have no local clubs to reach out, find fellow ML's who have no party, bring them into the ranks of the party and establish a club. If there is no club, work to build one; we're communists, if there isn't something in your area that you want to be in your area, build it. We of course will provide guidance, assistance, etc. in this endeavor, as we do with all established and upcoming clubs.