CP of the Workers of Spain, PCTE on the entry of more US troops in Rota

The interim PSOE government has accepted the reinforcement of USA military troops in the naval station Rota (Cádiz) with a detachment of navy helicopters, which also leads to the increase of the US detachment in 30 more soldiers. The intentions of the US Government to improve and replace its launcher destroyer warships for more updated and with more capacity ones have been recently announced.

The PSOE goes on deepening in its role as a lackey of US imperialism. A role started with the incorporation of Spain to NATO and which continued, among others, with the signature of the USA-Spain cooperation agreement which rules the relations between both countries regarding the US military bases within Spanish territory.

The PCTE denounces the role of social-democracy currently in the government for accepting a military and strategic movement like this one. It is not possible for social-democracy to talk about peace while the use of our land, water and air in the destabilizing maneuvers of NATO is still allowed. It is not possible to talk about solidarity while leading the world list of arm exporters. Just before the formation of the new “co-operation” government, the PCTE directly points out at PSOE as the responsible of all the consequences for all the peoples in the world caused by this red carpet rolled out for imperialism.

The PCTE opposes to all those maneuvers which place the working class and the peoples of the world before the risk of an imperialist war, thus we reject initiatives like the Euroarmy and we defend the unilateral exit of Spain from EU and NATO. We are decided to build a country free of US and foreign military bases, out of the Anti-Ballistic Missiles Shield, people friendly and committed to peace and solidarity.

“Neither land, nor sea, nor air for imperialists”

PCTE Press Office

June 12, 2019