Our Mission

The Arts & Culture Commission serves as an educational hub for the culture and arts of People’s Democracies and that of progressive artists throughout the ages. We believe that historic and latter-day proletarian art, be it music, paintings, movies or theater, can inspire people and become a tool to raise revolutionary consciousnesses. Apart from the educational aspect, we undertake the mission of establishing a working class culture that is relatable to the present day masses.

We encourage people to harness their creativity for the good of society, and to interpret our struggles through an artistic lens so we can create a culture that reflects our humanity and embraces the significance of scientific socialism.

For additional information read Subject XII, Media and Culture, from the Program of the Party of Communists USA.

Our Publications

As with any commission, we issue statements regarding current events, working class history, theory and much more. Using the button on the side, you can access the Arts & Culture Commission archive.