Ever since our departure from the Party of Communists USA (PCUSA), members of our organization have been subject to continuous threats and harassment. Recently this has culminated in one of our members being reported to their place of work, reported to the police, an FBI email address subscribed to our mailing list, and a link for the People’s School for Marxist-Leninist Studies (PSMLS) meetings shared on 4Chan to be raided. This is compounded by the PCUSA leadership’s willingness to conceal an alleged rapist/pedophile from their rank-and-file.

We have contacted PCUSA Leadership to demand they control their membership and cease the harassment. As of 09/08/2022, there has been no reply or acknowledgement of our inquiry.

Workplace Reporting

On 09/02/2022, one of our members was called before their workplace to discuss multiple emails that were sent to the member’s managing staff. One email was sent the week prior, and another email was sent on 09/02. The emails stated that our member is/was associated with multiple communist organizations, specifically the American Council of Bolsheviks (ACB), the PCUSA, and the PSMLS. The emails also included a link to a video published on Vimeo.com of our member speaking at a PSMLS class (image 1). Only PCUSA, ACB, and PSMLS members were in attendance at the class that was recorded. This video could have only been taken by a member or affiliate of the PCUSA — as we have verified that it did not come from ACB or PSMLS members. This is a coordinated campaign of harassment taken to our members’ place of work in an effort to get them fired for being a communist. It is an attack on our members’ safety, livelihood, and well-being.

(image 1)

Police Reporting

On 08/25/2022, one of our members received a voicemail from their local police department asking for a callback. The department confirmed that a video of the member (image 1) was reported to the police. Only PCUSA, ACB, and PSMLS members were in attendance at the class that was recorded. This video could have only been taken by a member or affiliate of the PCUSA — as we have verified that it did not come from ACB or PSMLS members.

FBI Reporting

On 08/20/2022, a member or affiliate of the PCUSA signed up to the ACB email list with the contact information of an FBI office in an attempt to expose the ACB to the FBI (image 2).

(image 2)


Leadership and affiliates of the PCUSA have publicly harassed our members, one of the primary victims being a woman. They have done so by sharing their private, identifiable information in multiple attempts to threaten their safety, livelihood, and well-being.

On 08/16/2022, the National Chair of the PCUSA, announced our members’ place of residency at a public zoom meeting without their consent.

On 08/22/2022, the Pacific District Organizer and Politburo member of the PCUSA revealed the same members’ place of residency on a public Instagram comment without their consent.

On 09/03/2022, a PCUSA affiliate stated on Twitter: “Heard [city] is nice this time of year [member name].” 

These actions, at minimum, meet the legal definition of harassment.

4Chan Raiding

On 08/25/2022, the link for the PSMLS meeting was shared on 4Chan (image 3). The perpetrator took a screenshot of the PSMLS Zoom mass email, which is only available to PCUSA, ACB, and PSMLS members.

(image 3)

Protection of an Alleged Rapist and Pedophile

On 12/17/2019, the Politburo of the PCUSA (at that time) had setup an inquiry committee to investigate allegations of pedophilia committed by one of its members. The inquiry committee’s results established the final offense as statutory rape of a minor and was provided to the PCUSA Politburo for a final decision. Ultimately, it was motioned that this member “step down,” and this was subsequently passed. No later than 01/29/2020, this member was already back inside the PCUSA. This information was kept hidden from both the rank-and-file membership, as well as other Party leaders. The exact motion that applied Party discipline to this member on 12/17/2019 states that they were “found guilty of the alleged charge of statutory rape [of a minor] and the inquiry concluded [that this person] should seek therapy and will be asked to step down from PCUSA making [this person] no longer a party member (can still attend PSMLS).” While multiple members had heard rumors of this, and tried extensively to gather information and expel this person from the PCUSA, these attempts were constantly denied, mainly by the General Secretary of the PCUSA. As of September 2022, this person is a Central Committee member and a club chair of the PCUSA.


If you join the PCUSA, are a member of the PCUSA, or were previously a member of the PCUSA, your information and your personal livelihood is objectively in danger and one step away from being handed over not only to your place of work, but to the police and the FBI as well. If you do join, know that alleged pedophiles and alleged rapists are in your midst and are a protected part of the PCUSA.

Any continued attempts to doxx any of our members will be met with appropriate and reciprocal action.

We highly recommend that current and former members of PCUSA scrub their information off the internet, and from physical copies. Stay safe.