When workers reflect on the road we’ve travelled towards this place of sweat and harvest Gregory Rose and his iron  grasp on science and society will occupy a special place of respect. His unfailing example propels our working class  forward.

Born in 1951 and raised with the spirit of challenge and comradeship woven throughout his life Greg engaged the contradictions of these times early and often. His powerful intellect was recognized and rewarded with positions of  authority. He earned doctoral degrees in history and economics at the University of Texas, severed as a journalist for news organizations and published several scholarly books.

As a solider (wounded in combat) during the conflict in Vietnam in the 1960s Greg’s language and discernment skills  earned him a place in the most sensitive of wartime activities, military intelligence. It was this experience, being exposed  to the core of the struggle of the Vietnamese people that his own ethical and intellectual integrity prompted him to  acknowledge the unsustainable position class struggle created for the imperialist practices of the US ruling class. From  then on Greg would use his prodigious talents in solidarity with the truly revolutionary movement of our time, the  working class.

Wasting nothing in his pursuit of a real strategy for empowering workers Greg’s life matured in stages that brought  him to join workers organizations and hold positions of responsibility. His membership most recently in the Party of  Communists USA serving as a stellar example of comradely collaboration and collective work.

As Chair of the International Commission and Lecturer for the Peoples School for Marxist/Leninist Studies  (PSMLS) Greg’s leadership inspired us all. His legacy leaves us a powerful curriculum for study, practice and community.  At his post as the Lecturer for the People’s School for Marxist/Leninist Study (PSMLS) he provided a foundation for  communist action and critique. His passionate solidarity with the class interests of workers, as expressed in his  commitment to the PSMLS served to develop the discipline required to articulate a confident assessment of the tactics  needed for revolutionary class struggle. There is no greater honor we could bestow on this valiant comrade than to  dedicate our Party of Communists USA to the principled building of this discipline of study and action.

Gregory Frank Rose has earned his place in the hearts and minds of the working class. The powerful forces of  social science and justice are more accessible to the workers because of Greg’s commitment and spirit. In his  memory we dedicate ourselves to the revolutionary task of building socialism. In memory of our dear comrade we salute the working class.